Acuvue 1 Day Define Natural

The new 1 Day Acuvue Define with Lacereon contact lenses are especially designed to enhance the beauty of your iris. It does this by adding greater definition and depth using naturally arranged patterns. These patterns have been inspired by the natural patterns found within the iris of every human being. However, the patterns on the Natural Shine contact lenses, further enhance your eye's natural beauty by adding another dimension of depth. So, every detail of your eye is now visible in HD detail consequently enhancing the beauty of your face.

The 1-Day Acuvue Define Natural Shine contact lenses use the Beauty Wrapped in Comfort Technology which benefits from embedded colorants sealed within two durable yet thin layers of lens material which are made from Etafilcon A. This guarantees eye health mainly because it prevents the colorants from getting into the eyes.

The smooth and clean edges of the Natural Shine contact lenses make them very easy to wear and comfortable to keep on all day. The lenses varying translucency has been especially intended to improve the blending of the lenses with the sclera which obviously results in shiny eyes. Not only that but the built in wetting agent creates a comfortable moisture cushion for 20 hours, making a full day of wearing effortless, as a matter of fact you will not even feel as though you're wearing contacts.


Acuvue 1 Day Define Natural
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Always follow your eye care professional’s instructions relating to the use and care of your contact lenses. Have your eyes examined regularly and remove your contact lenses immediately if you experience any pain or discomfort and consult your eye care professional.

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