How do I get a contact lens prescription?

The first step to wearing contact lenses is to visit your optometrist for a contact lens fitting. Contacts come in many sizes and materials and during your exam, your optometrist will determine which type is best for you. Once you have been fitted for contact lenses and have your prescription you are ready to purchase from us and save $$$.

Can I purchase coloured contacts even if I do not have a prescription?

Contact lenses come in different sizes and materials and you must be fitted for them by your optometrist. We cannot sell you contact lenses that you do not have a prescription for even if you are just wanting them for cosmetic reasons. Visit an optometrist for a contact lens fitting and then visit us to purchase your contacts and save $$$.

Why is a verified contact lens prescription important?

Contact lenses are medical devices that need to be fitted properly by an eyecare practitioner.

Contact lens prescriptions expire to ensure your eyes are checked for signs of trouble regularly.

Contact lens wear can cause changes to cells and tissues of the eye, and sometimes wearing contact lenses can damage the cornea. Even if you are not experiencing any problems, the lenses may be causing damage to your eyes. At your contact lens check up your optometrist will check the fit of your contact lenses and observe any changes in your cornea caused by your lenses. Your optometrist will also ensure your prescription is giving you the best visual performance possible.

Regular check-ups will reduce the likelihood of damage going undetected.

Here at Contact Lens Express it is our policy to only supply contact lenses to customers who have a current contact lens prescription.

Can I buy prescription lenses for Frames and Sunglasses from Contact Lens Express?

At this stage we are only selling Optical Frames and Sunglasses. All our optical frames are suitable for optical lenses. We suggest you take your frame to your local Optometrist to have the lenses fitted. Your local optician will be able to best advise on what lenses are most suited for your lifestyle, take correct dispensing measurements and provide a proper fitting once lenses are fitted.

Do you have a Best Price Promise Policy?

We have a best price guarantee on all our Optical Frames and Sunglasses. We believe our prices are the lowest around. If you have seen an identical product cheaper somewhere else let us know and we promise to beat any confirmed competitors price.

I have seen a Frame or Sunglass elsewhere, can I get it from Contact Lens Express cheaper?

Most likely - We have access to many leading brands from around the world. Send us an email of what you are after and we will look into sourcing it for you at a great price. Contact Us